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Bottles for Butterflies

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Make an impact without any extra work.

Collecting empty beer/cooler cans and beer/wine/liquor bottles to return for dollars #empties

Anything that can be returned to the #beerstore in Windsor-Essex county, Ontario, can be picked up. Contact us to schedule a pick-up.

100% of proceeds go directly into bursary funds for local girls (psst: check out our link "Bursaries for Butterflies" to see what it's all about)

Don't live in the city/county, but want to help or have empties collecting dust? How about returning them and sending a donation? We've received donations from collections in London, Hamilton and Toronto!

Start an empties donation challenge in your community, and become a runner in our #contest. We love to give back, and will reward those who are regular contributors, because making an impact makes a difference, and making a difference makes you awesome!

When you're enjoying a few adult beverages, please make sure to drink responsibly, have a designated driver and know your limits.

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