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About Us

An image of Stacey, the founder.

​Stacey has always been that curious girl, wanting to know how it all works, why we must follow the rules, and living life on her own terms.

She has been working with a vast array of diverse populations for over 20 years. As a registered nurse, Stacey has witnessed what it means to be human - our needs, dreams, desires, our struggles and heartache, and has walked alongside people helping them through some of their darkest moments and celebrating their greatest triumphs! Whether it be through a clinical role or educational role, Stacey's career has molded her empathy for others and formed her ability to read between the lines and anticipate the needs of
others before they are aware of what they are.

Stacey has always loved being around children. The pivotal moment to understanding the impact of mentorship on a young girl's life came from running a girls’ summer program at the Big Sisters Association during a summer home from university. Soon after, she became a Big Sister to a "Little", creating a bond that extended long past her formative
years and their contract.

An image of Stacey with a group of young girls in Africa
An image of Stacey with a young girl in Nepal

Over the past 12 years Stacey traveled around the world meeting women and girls, volunteering, and starting service initiatives in both her community and those afar - creating opportunities for women to create businesses to break the cycle of poverty, bras for the homeless to reduce health risks, cereal for hungry children and shoes for students so they can attend school. These initiatives were important, but not enough. Stacey’s soul longed to create long-lasting impact to truly be of service. She had a vision and a big dream to create a foundation to assist girls in developing countries with education, to break the cycle of poverty, and empower them to have faith they could bring their dreams to life.

What she's learned from conversations with hundreds of patients and experiences with
people from around the world is one common trend and belief: not knowing what creates joy in their lives and not believing in themselves. Stacey also saw how her cousin Casey struggled and she felt helpless - not knowing how to help her. After tragedy struck Casey in 2017, Stacey made it her mission to be of service, so no other woman had to go through what Casey went through or suffer how she suffered. An empowered woman can change the world!

An image of Stacey handing mosquito netting to a pregnant mother in Ghana, Africa

Realizing it all starts with our girls and seeing how hard hit her community was when the pandemic struck, Stacey knew it was time to unbury that dream she held for over a decade and start with her own community. Having invested herself, time and money into twenty years of personal development, and the past five years of business coaching - learning from the top gurus in their fields and being trained by world-renowned leaders, she came to learn how one person and one opportunity can change a life.

Help Her Fly was born to help build the self-esteem and confidence and provide opportunity for ourgirls to take steps to fulfill their dreams. Stacey’s life was transformed through educationand her grade 8 teacher believing in her. Stacey wants girls to know and feel they aresupported and have what it takes to achieve their wildest dreams.

An image of Stacey with the principal of the Nursing School in Galle, Sri Lanka

Stacey has a passion for dance, performing arts, and travel - having been to 30 countries and counting- Sri Lanka and Vietnam being her two favourites. A life-long student, she always has several books on the go, loves being near the water and spending time with her closest friends and family - believing connection is our greatest human need. A fur baby lover and self-proclaimed recycle queen/environment-protector, she feels it's of utter importance to protect our most precious commodities - our children and earth - leaving a world of abundance, health (both mental and physical) and beauty for generations to come.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

An image of Casey Stevens


When Casey was little, she looked like a real life Cabbage Patch doll- with blonde hair, bright blue eyes and dimples. She was adorable and adored. 

Casey had a great sense of humour and a contagious laugh. She loved to joke and watch comedians to get those laughs. Reading and cats were her favourites- which was evident from her personal mini library and several fur babies. 
She was a gentle, kind soul who lived by the motto do no harm.  Casey believed in people being treated equally, without discrimination and with kindness. 

After a tragic bus accident that left doctors saying she wouldn't survive, Casey became my hero. She was in the ICU for 1 month before being transferred for rehabilitation in London. After 5 months of intense rehab- learning to talk, walk, read, do math, cook (which she loved to do), etc., she came home! What Casey overcame and achieved was a miracle! 
She inspired many and was an astounding example of the power of spirit, determination, and will. 

Being a mother to beautiful Kali was Casey's greatest pride and joy. Kali has become a beautiful young woman, who carries the resemblance to her mother. 

These bursaries are a living legacy of Casey's kind and generous spirit. 


Our Mission

Our Mission

Empowering and equipping girls and young women with the tools, resources, and support they need to pursue their passions and realize their full potential.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all females have the confidence and self-worth to step boldly into their lives, live up to their greatest potential and transform the world for future generations. 

Make an Impact Today!

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